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  • Home Home Advocates and Lawyers "law & Order" will have a qualified legal assistance in civil, criminal and arbitration cases. Civil cases include employment, inheritance, housing and family matters.
  • About Us About Us Law firm "law & Order" creating more than 100 years ago and is today one of the largest bar associations. Firm of lawyers - a nonprofit organization.
  • For physical persons For physical persons You have decided to go to court? Defendant became a witness, victim? You want to prosecute? Under the law, anyone whose rights have been violated may apply to court to protect the violated rights, defend their rights or to halt the prosecution.
  • For legal persons For legal persons "It is guaranteed to minimize the legal risks of business?" - One of the most frequently asked questions our customers. Price legal error is very high, up to a complete loss of business. Our answer, based on many years of successful practice, is: ...
  • Gallery Gallery In the "Gallery" section, you can see photos of lawyers working in law office "Law & Order"