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Attorney services

Law firm "law & Order" creating more than 100 years ago and is today one of the largest bar associations. Firm of lawyers - a nonprofit organization. The activities of a law firm and its member attorneys are regulated by the Federal Law "On Advocacy and the Bar."

The main focus of the law firm is a subscription service entities, the representation of their interests, courts of law, protection of interests of organizations and individuals in criminal cases.

The fundamental principles of our lawyers: expertise in being taken to the decision; professionalism in applying the law, responsibility for the pledges of a lawyer, confidentiality and preservation advocate secrecy, improving knowledge and skills, individual approach to each client when the lawyer's good faith entrusted to the case , kindness, openness, trustworthiness in a relationship with the client.

RSS News

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    Egypt’s first democratically elected president, who died during a courtroom appearance on Monday, was a figure who did not produce the greatness his era demanded. Mohamed Morsi will be remembered as the Islamist who could never live up to the task o...

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  • Facebook banks on a globe-uniting currency 18 Jun 2019

    On Tuesday, Facebook announced a project to launch a digital currency next year that founder Mark Zuckerberg hopes will help build a “common global community.” More than 2 billion users on Facebook’s many platforms will be able to make payments, send...

  • A fighter or a peacemaker? Amy Klobuchar is trying to be both 18 Jun 2019

    In a Democratic primary field filled with partisan warriors, Sen. Amy Klobuchar is sometimes cast as too moderate, too “Minnesota nice” to fire up the Democratic base and win back the White House.